5 Signs It’s Time To Update Your Website

Have no regrets about your website my friend. Know when it’s time to update.

My niece just turned sweet 16 – isn’t she pretty?

Ah… the good ‘ole days… getting my drivers license, the cute boyfriend (swoon), being silly with friends (still silly and crack myself up all the time), band… (yep, I was a total band nerd).

Her milestone birthday made me remember all of those great things but also, some of the things that I’d totally do over if I had the chance to be 16 again. Like:

  • working harder at some of my not so fun classes like algebra (yuck),
  • being more confident in myself (I was the shy, ding-dong girl who could have done much more if I wasn’t so scared to try!),
  • not giving my parents so much grief (sorry Mom).

The thing about these do-overs is that yes, I could have done better and been more of a super-girl had I had more foresight but the stuff I slacked on didn’t break the bank, ruin my business, keep me up at night or cost thousands of dollars to fix.

Slacking on your website will.

“The only things you regret are the things you don’t do.”
– Michael Curtiz


Your website is the first impression of your business. Make sure it looks professional and works like it should!

Take it from Michael (see above) and have no regrets about your website.

What kind of regrets? So glad you asked!

The 5 signs it’s time to update your website.

1. Security? What security?

If you think your web host takes care of this stuff, think again. They give you a place to live on the web but they’re not your alarm company. It’s like thinking your landlord or mortgage company auto posts robo dogs outside your house and installs the latest high-tech laser and surveillance system just because you pay rent. That would be cool but you know that’s not gonna happen. If you want super, stellar security and backup protection (like this), YOU are the one who’s got to make sure you’re covered. If you don’t, well, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Skipping security can cost loads of $$$ to fix (it it’s even fixable)! You could lose everything, forever! And… you could be penalized (horror!) if your site is deemed dangerous by Google like not keeping things updated, spreading viruses or other awful things. This is one area that should never be skipped or put off till later.

2. Your website is not in align with your brand.

The thing we can always count on, is that things always change. Brands evolve and change over time and your website is a major player when it comes to reflecting your brand. A website built 10 or even 5 years ago, is probably in need of some updates. If your site looks old and tired, potential clients think your website’s content is old too. Be the place your clients know they can always count on to get the latest info, trends, styles or products. Remember when updating your brand, message or marketing strategy don’t forget to update your online brand too.

3. Your clients hate it and think it’s hard to use.

    Here’s a couple of ways to avoid the “crappy website” label:

  • Using white space. Keep it clean and readable, your content should have breathing room. You don’t need to add everything under the sun “just in case”. This includes having a clean navigation menu, sidebar and footer area. More is not always better. Think about what it is your dream clients wants to know and keep it simple.
  • Making it easy to use and find things. Navigate and guide your user where you’d like them to start and go next. Do you have people asking for the same things over and over? Make those things easy to find.
  • Testing everything. It’s your website so YOU are responsible to making sure it’s always in good working order. Updates and other gremlins mess things up every now and then so be sure to check things out at least once a month.
      Test things like:

    • Your contact form. Is it working?
    • Check for broken links. The Broken Link Checker plugin is pretty awesome.
    • Your shop. Is it easy to buy from you? Get this, one of my clients had someone call to tell them their website buy button was missing! Think most people would do that? I don’t either.

    4. Your site isn’t mobile friendly.

    Mobile device users out number desktop users. That shouldn’t be a news flash but there are TONS of businesses losing customers with old, non-responsive websites. Why not make using your website easy for your potential clients who are on their ipads and cell phones? Google wants you to. In fact, Google thinks it’s so important they’ve made it a requirement for slacker websites get with it and update to a site that’s mobile friendly!

    5. You’re embarrassed to give someone your website URL.

    That should tell you something.

    If you make excuses when you hand out your business card… you need a new website. If you won’t even give out your business card because your web address is listed… you need a new website! If you won’t add your URL to your Facebook page or your email signature, or you actually tell people you don’t have a website, it’s time to do something about it!

    If you’re THAT embarrassed of your website, I bet all of the other issues above are happening as well. Yikes!

    When’s the best time to update your website? Now. Don’t add not taking care of it to your list of regrets.

    If your website needs some TLC or wicked updates, I’d love to help you! Here’s how to get your online business lifeline back up to platinum status and what you’ll get with a Pixel Perfect Website. Q’s? Hit me up.

    Do you or have you had some of these issues? What problems did it cause and what did you do about it? Talk to me below. And for funsies, bonus points if you can guess what instrument I played/play! Because fun should always be present. 🙂

    À bientôt!

    – Janet
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  • Nat, Website Superhero July 30, 2015, 3:51 pm

    Oh yah, I reached #5 a long time ago. My redesign is halfway done. I cannot wait to launch it!

    • Janet July 30, 2015, 3:54 pm

      Oooo, I can’t wait to see it! 🙂

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