Grab it! 3 Essential Must Have For Every Website!

Ever wanna crawl in a hole when someone asks for your website address?
If you’re embarrassed to give it to them, or start off with an excuse…

That’s got to stop. You’re a pro. Look like it.

Admit it… I bet you’ve said “Umm, no thanks” on plenty of businesses just because of how their website looks. I know I have! They actually could have been great to work with or buy from but their site made them look unprofessional and scotch-taped together.

You’re not a scotch-taped together entrepreneur – you’re a polished and amazing professional! Your website should be too.

At Blue Tail Designs, I help busy online entrepreneurs like you with an online home that\’s beautiful, safe, & totally professional.

Hi, I’m Janet!
I help bright business owners like YOU who are tired of DYI-ing it and are ready to take action, kick butt and shine online with custom crafted, hand coded WordPress websites (along with a few other digital sweets) to help you build the perfect, professional online biz.

Find out if we’ll be perfect together!

I LOVE helping nice businesses (and people) who are ready to grow.

If you can dream it, you can do it too! Your website is the home-base for your ideal lifestyle and by taking that step to create your own site, you’ll be closer to making your dreams into a reality! I love helping people do what they love more beautifully, polished and smarter. Not a bad way to spend the day!

Being a designer and developer, means I’m a one-stop shop for your website.

I create an impressive, professional design and then work my magic by coding and other technical things to implement it all on the web. It’s like having a wedding coordinator, caterer, the pastor and your string quartet all rolled into one. Sweet, huh?

If you can dream it. You can do it!

I’m a mom (dog and human), wife, and worked full-time (for over 18 years!) for an awesome corporation but I had a dream. I never thought I could do it, I was scared (maybe like you are) but here I am! I wish I had done it sooner because I couldn’t be happier. Next dream/goal – to do this in France!

I absolutely LOVE what I do and am passionate about helping smart, creative entrepreneurs build beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-use websites for their small businesses.

Let’s work together!

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"Janet is … very personable, fast, creative, reliable and has great pricing."

- Stephanie Baxter
Fiesta Winery

You’ve got to do more than just look good.
You need brains behind that pretty face!

Get the most out of your website by making sure it’s doing it’s job
the way it should be (or even better). Find out if you’re covered!

Grab The 3 Essential Must Haves For Every Website