Testimonials Add Credibility I don’t have to tell you this. Gathering your testimonials can be one of those parts of running your business that gets overlooked. But, it’s SO important and not to be skipped! If you’ve overlooked this, is it from fear of asking? Maybe, just didn’t think about it? There are all kinds […] Read More

Make it easy (and be smart) by using Gmail If you have a website, you’ve probably set up (or had someone do it for you), your professional @yourwebsite.com email addresses(es). If not, you should because it makes you look like a legit business and ups your professionalism and trust by at least 100 levels. If […] Read More

Increase your security with these simple (but important) steps. I am ALWAYS preachin’ the importance to taking care of your web home. I mean ALL. THE. TIME. Like here for instance. It blows my mind that lot’s of people (tons of ’em!) STILL don’t think it’s important or take the time to care for their […] Read More

We plan for everything. Vacation, holidays, what’s for lunch… Same goes for things in our businesses. Budget planning, work schedules, your marketing and more. As smart business owners, you plan everything. Planning and prepping for your website, BEFORE you begin is the best way to reach your goals and it will enable your web designer/developer […] Read More

"I hired Janet based solely on her creative portfolio. Who knew her professionalism was equal parts."

- Garron Wright

You’ve got to do more than just look good.
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