Build It and They Will Come… Not!

It’s called SOCIAL media for a reason.

You just set up your business Facebook page. Check. Created a Twitter account and added a cute header. Done. Instagram. Yep. Pinterest. Complete.

Now you wait.

Nothing… (*crickets chirping*)

“Build it, and they will come only works in the movies. Social media is a build it, nurture it, engage them and they may come and stay.”
– Seth Godin


So, why aren’t you getting a flood of new customers and all of your posts going viral?

Because, it takes more than just being there. You’ve got to connect, be real and be helpful.

It’s also important to know…

You don’t need to create a social media account for everything under the sun. It’s not necessary and a total waste of time in more ways than one.

Only create accounts that you’ll actually use, that your ideal client uses and that is relevant to your brand. If it’s only 1 account, that’s ok. The point is to be actively posting and participating. Connecting and building relationships is the key here.


These nuggets will help get you to social butterfly status.

Social Sharing Words ‘O Wisdom

  1. GTY Give Them You. Share what’s going on in real life. Just adopted a dog? Share a pic. Found an awesome business tool? Tell what about what you like about it. Share stuff like you’d share with a friend.
  2. MIS Make It Shareable. Add shareable links or icons (like the ones at the bottom of this post). Make it easy for people to actually share your stuff AND talk to you. Allow comments on your blog (just be sure to set it so you can approve them first – because, there are weirdos in web land.)
  3. PADI Plan And Do It. (Not to be mistaken of the awesomeness that is PADI.) Make a social media plan to organize your posts – so you know the when to post what. Like this from Confidently Social: What to post every day of the week. BONUS: Add some time to your plan to reach out on Twitter or your favorite Facebook group by commenting, sharing or helping people. Don’t just be a stalker. Do something good with your online time.
  4. TGSP The Good Stuff Please. Share stuff that’s actually meaningful to you and your clients and tell people why. Who cares if you won a 50 yard relay in 3rd grade. But, if you tell a story and tell why and how it relates to business or lifestyle or where they’re at right now, etc. then it means something. Give it meaning by sharing your why. Other good stuff can be things like a tutorial on how to do something your clients would find helpful or a great list of something you find yourself constantly re-creating in an email for you clients. Put it in a post, not only will you save yourself time in the future, but potential clients might find it helpful too!
  5. LTSP Lose The Sales Pitch. No one enjoys a machine gun splattering of your product or service 24/7. Of course, every now and then it’s ok (and expected) like when you have a cool new product, a sweet sale, etc. Just don’t beat people over the head with it. Sweetness like butterflies, not pesky mosquitoes will attract your dream come true clients. The Freelance To Freedom Project has a good post on How To Promote Yourself Without Promoting Yourself that can help you steer clear of the ickiness.
  6. CAR Create A Relationship. Find common connections (like animal rescue, organic gardening, web design, etc.). Offer your help (in FB groups, on Twitter, etc.), make actual face-to-face connections at local Meetups, help out at church or become a mentor. Find, post and share things on your blog, in social groups, LinkedIn, and other places on topics your ideal client cares about. Ask questions. Engage and make new friends and possibly new clients.
  7. SIU Switch it up. If you only use 1 social media account for your business, sssokay – it doesn’t mean you have to only share in that 1 account. Lemme splain. Say your business only uses Twitter, why not share a business tweet every now and then on your personal Facebook page?
    Sweet places to share are: LinkedIn, your Facebook business page, your personal Facebook page, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram, your email marketing service like MailChimp, Facebook groups or other social platforms for your industry. Sky’s the limit! TIP: Please don’t over share and annoy people who are in the same groups, etc. They don’t want to see the same post from you everywhere they turn. A couple are ok – 15 is not.
  8. BN Be nice. Remember this? “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” If you want others to comment and share, be nice and do the same. TOP TIP: Some Facebook groups (and probably other places too) have weekly share time like BPT (blog post Thursday) in the Freelance To Freedom Facebook group. Here people share their posts and also comment and/or share other’s posts. How nice!
  9. ECGL Engagement Creates Google Love. Connecting, sharing and engaging online as your business and as you creates some Google love. ♥ And a little love goes a long way. Totalrific!


And yes, there’s more…
More profesh advice to assist your online game.

Sorry darling, looks DO matter!

Keep your branding true. If someone visits your Twitter page then visits your LinkedIn Business page, they should be able to tell right away the accounts are for the same business.
A unified brand = brand recognition.

Stay current. If you make a cute Facebook header for Valentine’s Day and now it’s Thanksgiving… ummm – switch it out por favor!

Check at least once a month that nothing looks wonky. Seems like social images sizes change every other day. Sprout Media has a nice Always Up To Date Social Media Sizes Google doc to help a girl out.

Remember to update your social media profiles when you do a re-brand, update your logo or redesign your website too.


Go forth and be SOCIAL on social media!

Want to hook up on social media? I’d love to see some of the stuff you share. Here are some places I hang out:

Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Instagram | LinkedIn | Pinterest

If you think this post was share-worthy and something your ideal client would like to know, you can use one of the share buttons below to share. Merci mon amis!

– Janet
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{ 12 comments… add one }
  • Jayne Bayquen May 14, 2015, 10:32 am

    Great advice, Janet! Couldn’t agree more with CAR and LTSP. Relationships and networking has brought me to where I am now, even as a noob in the Freelance to Freedom realm. Also, the sales pitch convos do get SOO OOOLD fast. Sometimes I just want a genuine conversation with someone, to see if our personalities even mesh well. So yes, awesome post 🙂

    • Janet May 14, 2015, 1:55 pm

      Thank you Jayne! I agree, it’s so much easier to just be yourself and finding out if you mesh well… well, that just makes working that much more fun. 🙂

  • Katie May 14, 2015, 11:04 am

    This is great information Janet! It is so very true that you can’t just create these social media accounts and expect to get tons of followers and interaction if you don’t put forth some effort. The quote by Seth Godin is perfect! P.S. I love the way you formatted and styled this post. 🙂

    • Janet May 14, 2015, 1:52 pm

      Aww, thank you Katie! 🙂 Yep, all good things take work (darn it – ha!) 🙂

  • Beth May 14, 2015, 11:22 am

    I am definitely guilty of neglecting my social media. These tips will help me get back in the game! And thanks for that link to the social media graphics sizes – I’ve searched for current sizing on more than one occasion!

    • Janet May 14, 2015, 1:52 pm

      You’re quite welcome – it’s been one I’ve bookmarked! 🙂

  • Leah May 14, 2015, 12:06 pm

    Great tips Janet! #4 I struggle with, sharing stories that relate, but something I’m working on! Thanks so much for the shoutout to Freelance To Freedom!

    • Janet May 14, 2015, 1:59 pm

      You’re welcome! Ditto, lots I struggle with and need to work on too – FTF helps SOOO many of us in our entrepreneur adventure – so thank YOU!

  • Naomi May 14, 2015, 6:12 pm

    Thanks for the tips Janet, especially CAR. Relationships are super important, especially online. And thanks for the shoutout to Confidently Social!

    • Janet May 15, 2015, 2:22 pm

      You’re welcome! Your 7 Day Social Media Plan is great! 🙂

  • Jennifer May 14, 2015, 6:52 pm

    Great post! I think the toughest one for me is #1…I feel a little shy on social media sometimes, in a way that I don’t in my writing (I’m a copywriter) or in my everyday life. But I’m looking forward to putting your great tips into action. Thanks!

    • Janet May 15, 2015, 2:35 pm

      I agree, it’s hard putting your real self out there – something I have to constantly work on. Thanks, and glad you enjoyed! 🙂

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