Grab it! 3 Essential Must Have For Every Website!


A Digital Strategy Session will let you pick the brain of a professional and get in control of your online biz.

Do you know if your website is backing up automatically or if it’s actually secure? Or, maybe you want to learn how to do something yourself instead of hiring someone else to do it? I can help!

Use your 1-on-1 session for expert advice and direction for things like:

  • An solid assessment of your website. I’ll inspect what’s going on behind the scenes with your security, plugins, updates, comment spam and a few other things. Then, provide you with my professional opinions and recommendations to improve, secure and optimize your website.
  • Find out what social media tools you really need, what to share and where to start.
  • Learn how to edit your own copy, add photos, create a banner or other things.
  • Get my advice on entrepreneurially things.
  • Find out my go-to tools for productivity and more.
  • Finally figure out how to: create fun graphics, change your Facebook Business Page header or other curious things you’ve been wondering about!


All you have to do is: Create the list of things you want to talk about, work on or learn and during our session, I’ll provide you with my best tips, solutions and resources to get you going in the right direction!

Digital Strategy Session: $150

Click the “Buy Now” button to purchase your Digital Strategy Session. As soon as I receive notice of your payment, I will be in touch to get your wish list and to schedule a time for our session.

Not sure if this fits what you need? Contact me here with any questions and let’s find out.


"Janet is not only creative, but also very professional and flexible.… I'm already recommending Janet to anyone I know!"

- Delphine Jacquesson

You’ve got to do more than just look good.
You need brains behind that pretty face!

Get the most out of your website by making sure it’s doing it’s job
the way it should be (or even better). Find out if you’re covered!

Grab The 3 Essential Must Haves For Every Website