Inspirations from Europe – Part II

I have major sweet tooth right now since Halloween is almost here! I keep thinking about the to-die-for chocolate, yummy tarts, the 100 or so pistache creme glacees I inhaled recently…”sigh…”

Ok, I’ll quit salivating. Check out some of the goodies I found in Paris, Brugge and even Hogwarts (for my Harry Potter peeps). Yes, I was inspired to eat but also to play with patterns, textures and other fun stuff.

The colors are divine, the detail is exquisite and the best part – not an ounce on the hips! At least not for you! — Well I couldn’t let them go to waste, now could I?

pink and raspberry perfection


use colors of the same family to create a theme with pops of color for interest


texture and color yummy strawberry and raspberry temptation


colorful and yummy macaroons from the famous Laduree Paris


My dad always says, if you’re going to do something, do it right. The perfect colors, textures and detail show the pride and time these culinary artists took to make not only scrumptious delights but beautiful works of art.

bee and ship made of paris chocolate


goodies by the designers from the Harry Potter London Studio tour


Sugary awesomeness straight from the Harry Potter London Studios! The detail, thought and love the designers put into ALL of the props is amazing. They did it right! I was brave enough to try most of the goodies off the trolley but couldn’t make myself try Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans – afraid I might get the ear wax or vomit flavor!

Butter beer for all good witches, wizards and even muggles

I did sample the Butter Beer, which has nothing to do with design but it was delish! No alcohol, just creamy, butterscotch goodness!

Lastly, some sweets for you!

download this blue and green Brugge lollypop background for facebook
Download HERE to use as you wish! Enjoy!
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