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Protecting and Maintaining your website isn’t an option. Website security has become increasingly more complex as the world becomes more and more connected. Technology and software updates are moving at warp speed and hackers work round the clock to inject their slimy viruses, malware and do other horrendous things to nice, unsuspecting websites. They never stop. It’s not a question of if you’ll get hacked, but WHEN – if you don’t secure or maintain your website.

It’s not just hackers you have to worry about. We maintain everything. Our home, car and more. Using not-so-reliable products or not maintaining at all will cause some major damage. Trying to fix issues caused by skipping your maintenance (if fixing is even possible), means you’ll be shelling out some MAJOR bucks. Your website works the same way. Without regular maintenance, your website will quit working like it should, could possibly crash and without regular maintenance, will open the door to hackers.

You shouldn’t have to worry about this stuff.
Now you don’t have to.
Golden Maintenance Package

Superior, expert protection. The Golden Maintenance Package is a comprehensive security, backup, and software update service that will make your website significantly safer and more secure. Team up with an expert who will make it their mission to protect and defend your website, will be there if you need help and has your best interest in mind! Lose the stress, because you’ll be GOLDEN! I manage your website, so you can manage your business.

The Golden Maintenance Package Includes:
  • Full Website Security Lockdown: Find & fix weaknesses and block common security threats.
  • Superior Software and Tools Includes use and configuration of iThemes Security Pro
  • Monitor and block: hackers and brute force attacks.
  • Security scanning: Ongoing malware scanning and protection to ensure maximum safety.
  • Backups: FULL site, daily backup cloud storage.
  • Software Updates: to WordPress, theme and plugins.
  • Link scanning: Monitor and update any broken links or existing URLs.
  • Hack Repair: Hack and malware repairs (just in case…).
  • Renewal fees: Includes software license annual renewal fees for updates and continued usage of the premium tools we use to secure your site (upon renewal of your Golden Maintenance Package).
  • BONUS: Golden Maintenance Package clients receive a discounted hourly rate of $70/hour (min. one hour) for any content and structural revisions/updates to your website (reg. price is $85/hour). You would simply request a website “Update” here.



1 site: $70/month or $770/year (one month free for each year paid in full)

2 sites: $110/month or $1,210/year (one month free for each year paid in full)

Note: Very large sites or sites with over 10,000 visitors per month will require a custom coverage quote.

Working with Janet is amazing. Her promptness and follow through created immediate trust. Now, I’m able to capture specific customer data necessary to grow my small business. If you’re in the market for web services, I highly recommend working with Blue Tail Designs.

— Roshell Rosemond, Liquid Courage Cosmetics
Why + Benefits:
  • No more annual fees or scary messages from your current backup or security software (if you have any). Advanced security and backups will be handled by security and technical pros using expert software.
  • No need to update plugins, WordPress or Thesis. These will be taken care of for you – safely.
  • If you happen to get hacked, hack repair is included in this service. Without this service, you’d pay a minimum of $250/repair.
  • You will have fewer tasks (and problems) that you have to take care of. Bonus: You’ll save the headache of trying to figure out what to do or who to call to clean up your own hacks (or pay [extra] for them to be cleaned up).

Contact me: To get the ball rollin’, hop on over to the Website Management & Maintenance form, choose your payment option and provide me with any special information about your site that you want me to know. Submit and pay.

Agreement: Next, I’ll send over my management agreement and information on how we’ll get started. The agreement will include all the specific details of your maintenance package.

Once you send everything back, we’re ready to go!

Ready to sign up for the Golden Maintenance Package?



How much am I saving by using you for my website management?
If my site got hacked, would that mess me up with Google?
Does this mean my site will never get hacked?
But, I back up all the time, can't I just restore from that if I have a problem?
Is there anything NOT covered in your web management packages?
Can I upgrade to the next level if I need to at anytime? / I’ve changed my mind.

Have other questions? I want to help. Contact me here and tell me all about it.


"Working with Janet was amazing. Now, I'm able to capture specific customer data necessary to grow my small business. Thanks Janet!"

- Roshell Rosemond
Liquid Courage Cosmetics

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