Your testimonials show you’ve got cred.

Testimonials Add Credibility

I don’t have to tell you this. Gathering your testimonials can be one of those parts of running your business that gets overlooked. But, it’s SO important and not to be skipped!

If you’ve overlooked this, is it from fear of asking? Maybe, just didn’t think about it? There are all kinds of reasons business might not add this important bit to their website or sales page.

Testimonials Create Trust

Wouldn’t you be more likely to buy from someone with a proven track record and with reviews and words from other people who’ve used that service? Of course you would!

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” Chinese Proverb

If you haven’t already started collecting testimonials, start now! Contact past clients, amazing connections that could write you a testimonial, people who you’ve worked with before – anyone who will give you HONEST feedback that will help new clients learn more about you by creating trust!

TIP: Grab the feedback ASAP: The best time is when your client’s experience in working with you is fresh on their brains.

Tools To Collect Your Testimonials

Create a professional online form and include the link in your Thank You Letter, Project Completion Package, or whatever you give your clients when wrapping up working with them. These are my favs:

TIP: Share testimonials from social media. Take a screen shot and add to your Testimonials page or create a style matching your brand and include an icon showing where it was shared. Like this:

Where To Show Them Off
  • Sprinkle them around your website.
  • Make a page just for Testimonials. Like this one.
  • Have a special service or sales page? Include a select few relating to that special service.
  • Include a few when hosting a webinar or sales presentation.
  • Create a graphic and share it on social media. Like this:
  • Use your imagination! There are lots of places you can include relevant testimonials. Just don’t over do it or use the same one(s) over and over. Mix it up and don’t be annoying about it.

It’s ok!

Don’t think of it as tooting your own horn. It’s ok to share how you’ve helped others! By doing so, you’re helping potential clients feel more at ease, creating trust in your work and abilities and excitement to get the same thing!

What are you waiting for?

Reach out to your clients and kindly ask for a testimonial. Ask them how they liked working with you, how your thing helped them, etc. and don’t forget to ask for a photo to use with your testimonial as well! Photos up your cred points!

Happy collecting!

– Janet
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  • Natasha Solae September 6, 2016, 8:40 pm

    Testimonials make alllll the difference and I always suggest to the brands that I work with to definitely utilize their customer base and parternships to their advantage! Loved this!

    • Janet September 6, 2016, 8:48 pm

      Totally agree! Thanks Natasha!

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